IdeaSport Magazine #1

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At IdeaSport we believe in the creation of an environmentthat has a solid set of principles and values to guaranteethe growth of our athletes. Our mainstays are: Ideas, Sports, Health and Education. The combination of the four is essential for the continuous developmentof our athletes. No principle is higher than the other:they work together to build our unique development philosophy and leave a lasting impression on our participants. Our brand reflects this interrelation and a common union between all the elements, building complete and roundedindividuals positioned for success both inside and outside the field. “The combination of the four is essential for the continuous development of our athletes” The athlete will grow up in an environment that uses football as a tool to promote coexistence, respect for others and teamwork. We encourage the use of these soccer principles to help the development of young players on and off the field. The athlete will train in one of the best football academies in the United States, as we have certified European coaches. You will experience Disney’s world-class sports facilities, train for a better life,earn positive life values, access expert advice on your scholarship options,and build your athlete profile to make your way to a college education.

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