Champions! – UPSL

We started a long and hard road, in which the most important thing was to believe in ourselves, the family we had created had to be even stronger this season. We came from a difficult season, in which we won no matches, there were hard times, but soccer is always fair if you leave everything on the field. A promising league start with great enthusiasm. New players were joining the team making us stronger. The competition was greater and each training was a healthy struggle to win a place in the game. Each defeat or victory was a reason to improve.

“They did not lose their smile, this was the main objective of each day, helping them grow as footballers and people”.

Happily, we reached the 5th position allowing us to participate in the playoffs. It was time to be able to prove to themselves that they could achieve their goals. No more mistakes, compete as a team, run for each other and enjoy every moment. With joy, we reached the semifinals and only the penalties separated us from the final. Despite not having a good start, calmly and with a bit of luck that soccer needs, we achieve victory.


It was a great week, the best I can remember, we had quality training, a lot of competitiveness and a desire to play the final. It was not easy to make the decision in the choice of players, having more than 30 on the roster. Everyone deserved to play in the final and even though it was not an easy situation for many of them, their behavior and contribution to the team was incredible. A very competitive final, where the union of the team and the sacrifice of each one of them, gave us a final result a joy more than worthy.

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