College Guidance #2

One of us selected to the Honduras National Team

This is Enrique Facussé, 20, who started his career in our academy under the tutelage of our goalie coach Peter Davis. Enrique is a student at the University of Kentucky, where he has had outstanding performances in the National Sports University Associations Championship. Today we have the honor to tell you that the National Soccer Federation of Honduras has called him to participate in the first work cycle of the U-23. We congratulate him for this opportunity that he has achieved through his perseverance that is motivated by the passion he has towards soccer.

“My goal at this time is to become part of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and represent my country and I hope to be part of that same process to Qatar as well.”

Honduras U23 team will begin preparing to face Nicaragua to compete for a spot in the Pre-Olympic tournament that will result in the acceptance of two teams from the Concacaf to the Olympic Games Tokyo in 2020 followed by the Pan-Amerian games in Lima, Peru, in July.

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