Summer Camps #2

This summer, through sports, we share values and relationships that strengthen the performance of the game and the emotional growth of each of the participants in a fun and active way.

This unique experience aims to make the boys make new friends and enjoy an active and dynamic sport in summer. They learn techniques and forms of training to put into practice in their respective clubs or for the rest of his or her athletic life.

We promote the spirit of responsibility, the basic attitudes of discipline and in coexistence with the environment, respecting others and knowing how to listen at the right time. We provide you with the base of the good handling of the ball through playful and fun games.

It is equally important and valuable for us that your child experiences soccer in a unique, magical and fun-filled moment. That’s why our team is more than happy to welcome you and make you laugh, share and establish new friendships through the different planned activities related to soccer.

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