Florida Premier League (FPL)

As of this year, IdeaSport Soccer Academy is part of the FPL. This allows us working closely with related clubs throughout the state of Florida to improve players’ development to the highest level, and to provide a football experience focused on sports and personal development, as they will be in contact with teams of the same ages and will share enriching experiences.

FPL allows us to organize multiple teams from U13 to U19 of each gender and age group. RED will enable some teams to play in regional events, and U11-12 players will participate in FPL-DEV in preparation for the league and will begin to live competitive experiences; as an academy, we seek that all teams have the possibility to participate in sports events for their development.

We encourage our players to do teamwork, and we use the game as a tool to teach essential values ​​such as integrity, responsibility, leadership, and other important lessons in sport and life that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. This is possible thanks to the coaches who work in our academy, who seek to educate our members about the opportunities offered by inter-collegiate sports in the United States and motivate them to take control of their recruitment process by ensuring that they are attractive candidates for university recruiters.

We are currently associated with UPSL, a fantastic platform that gives us the chance to improve players’ development through competition against more experienced teams. Thus, the members of our academy will have more learning opportunities in front of older players and gain experience when competing against other clubs.

We are very proud of the teams that are forming, let´s go for more!

DID YOU KNOW? In our YouTube channel You can find videos of our teams!

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