Furmiga: the ant’s soccer

In those days, the great hollow tree was brimming with activity. It held the furmiga world championship, The ants’ football (soccer), and all kind of ants had arrived from all corners of the world. There were the teams of the red ants, the black ones, the winged ants, the termites and even some strange and various crazy ants; and each team faithfully followed their hobby.

As the games went on, the championship won in excitement, and the hobbies of the teams were delivered more and more, until what happened had to happen: in the stands, a black ant called “red dwarfs” a few red ants, these answered the insult with shoves, and in a moment, a great brawl of antennas, legs and jaws was armed, which ended up with thousands of ants in the infirmary and the suspended championship.

Although there was always some problem between some ants and others that time things went too far and the wise ants decided to organize a meeting. They debated for days how to solve the problem once and for all until they finally made an official statement:

“We believe that the fact that all ants in one team are from the same type makes ants start to compare themselves to see which is better, and since we know that all ants are excellent and should not be compared, from now on each furmiga team will be made up of ants of different types.”

That decision raised a formidable stir and quickly new teams of mixed ants appeared, now each ant could freely choose their favorite team. The tensions, despite the excitement, almost disappeared, and all the ants understood that they could enjoy the sport without tensions or arguments.

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