Rivaldo 5 x 5

All of us who have ever played soccer know how difficult it is to play a World Cup, and we also know that scoring a goal in a World Cup is even more difficult.

Today we are going to tell you the story of a futbol player who managed to score goals in 5 consecutive games in a World Cup. It is our friend Vitor Borba Rivaldo, who in 2002 had a tremendous feat.

The 2002 World Cup was the first in history to be organized by two countries (South Korea and Japan) and also the first one in Asia.

Rivaldo reaches this World Cup at the age of 30, after having been named the best soccer player in the world in 1999 by winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

In the first match, his team was losing to Turkey 1-0, but in the second half, Ronaldo tied it and kicked a penalty scoring the winning goal with a left-footed shot to the left of the goalkeeper with 3 minutes to go.

The second game was against the debutant China where the Brazilian team won 4-0 and Rivaldo scored the second goal after receiving a cross from Ronaldinho and converting with another left-footed shot inside the small area.

The third game against Costa Rica started easy for Brazil, who won 3-1 at the end of the first half. In the second half, Costa Rica closed the difference at 3-2, but Rivaldo appeared again after receiving a cross from Junior, hitting with his left leg as he entered the small area, getting the necessary calm with 4-2. This game ended 5- 2 in favor of Brazil.

Already in the round of 16 the rival would be Belgium and Rivaldo gets the first of two goals that served to win 2-0 against a tough opponent. One goal was a cross from Ronaldinho to Rivaldo and after dominating the ball with his chest, he turns and shoots a shot from outside the area that deflects into a defender and ends up inside the goal.

In the Quarterfinals came England beginning with a 1-0 lead but Rivaldo at the end of the first half marked the tie after a great play by Ronaldinho who starts from the middle of the field and when he is about to enter the area he passes it to Rivaldo and again with that magical left leg he places the ball in the goalkeeper’s furthest post. Then Brazil won 2-1.

In this way, Rivaldo managed to score 5 goals in 5 consecutive games in a World Cup, something great and even more because he also managed to win the Cup, after beating Turkey in the semifinals and Germany in the grand finale.

Congratulations Rivaldo and thank you very much for giving us these moments of great futbol and pure magic to all of us who love this sport.

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