IdeaSport is celebrating 3 years sharing futbol with you!

We still remember our first athletes who trusted in this project, which started as a dream and today is a reality.

Despite these difficult times the world is experiencing, we trust that all united, as a soccer team, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Our goal has always been to teach this wonderful sport, aiming not only at sports training with our methodology and physical preparation, but also the values that will be put into play, such as, companionship, friendship, respect, teamwork, etc.

Our methodology and coaching technique includes consistency in ensuring that our goalkeepers learn to play the ball with their feet, without fear of making a mistake; that our central defenders have a vision of the game and manage to get out from the bottom with the ball; our outside backs are able to project an attack and know how to quickly return to defend; that our midfielders recognize that if it is not possible to advance, that they raise their heads and have support from their defense; and finally that our forwards are in solidarity with their teammates and know how to finish the play with what we all dream of being a Goal.

Remember that our goal is to develop the athlete and provide knowledge. The result is not always the most important thing. We like to win, we are passionate about success, but the priority is to train and improve in the best possible way with the values that we teach them daily.

Finally, thank you to our young athletes, their families, our coaches, and the staff that makesup the great family that is IdeaSport today!

IdeaSport is much more than practicing a sport… IdeaSport is #MuchoMasQueFutbol

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