La Liga

The Guiding Values of the Academy

We Prepare Children For Life

Because the overwhelming majority of youth players will never play professional soccer we use the game as our tool to teach players important values such as integrity, accountability, leadership, and other key lessons in life – that capital can later be applied as a mother, father, employee, boss, or even as a professional athlete.

We Encourage Each Child to Create His/Her Own Story

We concede to the fact that neither we nor you can turn anyone into a professional soccer player – that is why the main job of our coaches is to try to ignite a spark in each one of our members to take ownership of their own development.

Foundation of Technical and Tactical Methodology

Our tactical and technical instruction is based on the internationally proven Spanish formula that is built around possessing the ball.

No Individual Is More Important Than A Unit

Our members will be introduced to coaches who all share the same developmental philosophy of the Academy. Under their leadership, our club community is one big family where change, due to personal development of individuals, is a constant.

Confidence Is Key To Unlocking One’s Potential

We strive to offer every child an opportunity to work towards his/her own full potential as a person. Instrumental to that pursuit is the need to build confidence with other players who share similar needs.

Our Definition of Winning

At our Academy, winning is defined as the ability of an individual to successfully execute the skills and concepts he/she has been working on at practice.

Game Day is Showtime!

Games are treated just like tests at school; just as teachers don’t scream out the answers in the classroom during exams, our coaches will not try to dictate the moves of their players during games. Instead, they will focus more on evaluating how well their players are able to apply the skills and concepts that have been rehearsed at practice.

Winning Games vs. Player Development

We are committed to player development – the need to win games will never compromise our goal to use every possible opportunity to make our players better at mastering the game.

We Prepare Our Members To Not To Fear Challenges

The process of development will expose players to multiple playing positions; sometimes to teach a different role, and, occasionally, simply to learn to step out of one’s comfort zone and see things from a different perspective.

We Help Individuals Reach Their Full Potential

The goal of our approach is to provide our members with the widest possible array of options when they graduate our Academy; if someone is not offered an opportunity to continue playing, he/she will leave us with a lot of wisdom to use either in a different capacity within the game of soccer, or in a different field altogether.

Remember The Learning Curve!

It is important to remember that we are all extremely competitive but we cannot afford to allow the need to win trophies blind ourselves at the cost of compromising the personal growth of our players; our process is designed to teach members how to become winners by doing things right – by doing things right, we will create a strong foundation for sustainable success, and end up winning trophies too!.

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